Anti-Colonial Action Ottawa (ACA) will be endorsing the Fuck The 150th! Campaign initiated by the Revolutionary Communist Party – Canada. Being dedicated to our people’s struggle against colonialism and for national liberation, ACA sees this as an important campaign right now. The capitalist, settler-colonial state of Canada has been pouring half a billion dollars into the celebration of our people’s genocide and the dispossession of our land. This is an effort to promote settler nationalism among the people of Canada and to rewrite the history of Canada, erase what it actually is and what it actually has done. They are painting Canada as a free country, a peace-loving country, and a champion of social justice. In reality, our people know a different story. Our people know the true nature of Canada. Since first contact with European colonists we have faced extreme violence, we have been forced off our traditional lands, and we have been made to sign fraudulent treaties. The settler colonies that would become Canada – and the Canadian state itself – have destroyed our nations and the land on which our nations depend. They put our families in residential schools and kidnapped our people in the 60s scoop. Today, CAS takes Indigenous children away from our families in greater numbers than during the height of residential schooling. When we have stood up to this genocide we have been met with tanks, gunfire, and snipers aimed at women and children. This is the reality we know. This is the history we know. This is the Canada we know.

For these reasons we say: Fuck the 150th!

As part of the endorsement to the Fuck the 150th campaign, Anti-Colonial Action Ottawa will be initiating a coalition of anti-colonial and anti-capitalist organizations. This coalition we be launched to organize an anti-colonial action on July 1st in Ottawa, the crown jewel of this colonial monster. Why do we need a coalition and why are we making this call? We believe that we can make the biggest impact through principled unity. Working together by combining our people power and resources will ensure the best outcome on July 1st. The first coalition meeting will take place on June 10th. We call on all organizations in and around Ottawa – as well as all progressives, revolutionaries and anti-capitalists – to unite in this coalition and organize against colonialism, and against the 150th celebrations on July 1st!

If you or your organization is interested in taking action July 1st, in endorsing the Fuck the 150th campaign, or getting involved in the coalition, please contact us!


– Anti Colonial Action Ottawa

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Decolonization is revolution!


The question of decolonization, together with the national question, is vitally important in the context of colonial states like Kanada. Decolonization has become a popular topic in activist, academic, and Indigenous communities alike. This paper will set out the line of Anti-Colonial Action – Ottawa on these questions in order to combat incorrect ideas within these communities, ideas which defang decolonization of its revolutionary teeth and offer instead only the empty promises of liberal idealism. NOTICE: This is document is also a work in progress, there will be additions and edits made to this document until we are completely happy with the work.

What is Colonization?

Modern colonization began in earnest with the birth of industrial capitalism in Europe. As the development of new machinery threw craft and manufacturing labourers out of work, not yet industrialized markets found they could not compete with European centres in the production of finished goods. This transformed these foreign markets into markets dominated by resource extraction for the benefit of white European capitalists, and flooded these foreign markets with settlers looking for work. Many of these settlers became agents of colonial governments or militarized state enterprises (such as the East India and Hudson’s Bay Companies), thereby ensuring the theft and export of raw materials from colonized nations and thus protecting the interests of the European bourgeoisie who required those cheap raw materials for their factories.

Outpaced by capitalist commodity production and faced with mass immigration, Indigenous populations were displaced by force. While their traditional economies were infected by capitalist exploitation, Indigenous social structures and forms of governance were destroyed through conquest and replaced with the European nation-state. Kanada and the United States of Amerika are but two examples. European colonization brought with it some of the most horrifying genocides of our times; in some cases up to 90% of Indigenous populations were killed. This is settler-colonialism.

The English and the French were the first two major colonial powers to arrive in Kanada, the French claiming Lower Kanada and the English Upper Kanada. Each set up their own version of a state that would exploit, murder and displace Indigenous populations through genocide. History

would show us that the English would ultimately win the right to colonize Kanada while the French would play a back seat roll. Although the French would come to be oppressed by the English themselves, this does nothing to change the fact that Quebec has no right to Indigenous land. Genocide, theft, and displacement do not grant this right.

Kanadian Settler Colonialism

It is still assumed by many Kanadians that since 1867 Kanada has been “post”colonial. And yet, we see today the same processes operating to extract resources for the benefit of white metropolitan centres in the south. Indigenous people have been displaced and forced into concentration camps that the Kanadian state calls “reserves,” normally located away from cities and normally in north, far away from hospitals, schools, employment and social services. The Kanadian state together with the capitalist class continues to plunder and exploit Indigenous land on and around these concentration camps for oil, uranium, diamonds and gold. Industrial waste and hydroelectric dams devastate ecosystems, leading to much higher rates of cancer and other rare illnesses within these isolated Indigenous communities. Food insecurity runs rampant. Indigenous peoples are denied the ability to develop our own land and resources to serve our people and bring them out of poverty.

Kanadian colonization also brought with it the destruction of Indigenous cultures and ways of life. One of the primary methods by which the Kanadian state accomplished this was through the residential school system. Begun in the 1870s, residential schooling continued until 1996. The goal of these schools was to kidnap Indigenous children from their communities, isolating them from their culture, their language and their people. The idea behind this system was “to kill the Indian in the child” by assimilating Indigenous children into white colonial-capitalism; this would provide a solution to Kanada’s “Indian problem.” In these schools students would learn and internalize the racism taught to them by white settlers. Residential schooling led to the deaths of over 4,000 Indigenous children, with many more sexually, physically and mentally abused by the hands of the Kanadian state and the Catholic Church. Although Kanadians have now recognized residential schooling as “cultural genocide” in order to obscure the extraordinary violence committed against Indigenous people, we must remember that forcibly removing children from one population to another fits the definition of genocide proper. The intergenerational trauma that resulted from this genocide can still be felt.

Today, the majority of Indigenous people live in extreme poverty and misery. In cities, First Nations, Métis and Inuit people disproportionately experience homelessness. Indigenous people also comprise a disproportionate percentage of the prison population in Kanada. Over the past 10 years the Indigenous population in prison has increased 46.4%, with visible minorities (Black, Asian and Hispanic) experiencing an increase of 75%. In the same period, white settler incarceration has decreased 3%. Although Black people account for less than 3% of the total population of Kanada, they make up 9.5% of federal inmates (an increase of 80% from 2003/2004). It is the same with Indigenous peoples: although only comprising around 4% of the population of Kanada (This does not take into account non status Indigenous people), Indigenous people represent 23% of federal inmates.

These are the realities of Kanadian settler colonialism and the ongoing genocide of Indigenous peoples. We must remember these realities; we must remember how they happened, how they continue to happen. We must learn how settler colonialism functions. If we are serious about the struggle for decolonization and national liberation we must know the system inside and out, we must know it even better than the ones who created it. To strategize, to win, we need to know our enemy.

Decolonization and National Liberation

Before we move on to decolonization and what it actually means, we should first look at what it is not. There are several conceptions of decolonization that have recently gained traction within activist and academic communities that simply do not go far enough to be considered genuinely anti-colonial. One popular example is “Indigenizing the vote,” where liberal and social democratic forces in the Indigenous community call on young Native people to participate in provincial and federal elections. The “reasoning” behind this is as follows: if we vote the system will represent us and we will win concessions from above. The fundamental error in this is the inability (or unwillingness) to see the true nature of the colonial state. The liberal and reformist elements within the movement believe, or at least act as if they believe, that the state is a neutral party that can reconcile the contradictions between those who produce wealth and those who usurp it, the contractions between the colonized and the colonizer. The belief that we can join the colonial state, and work to decolonize “from the inside,” cannot be more misguided.  The state is a tool of domination where the agents of the bourgeoisie cannot but defend at all costs the interests of white capitalists, where the colonizer maintains the oppression of the colonized. A superstructural phenomenon can only grow from the ground of a material base. Its function is determined by material relations dominated by the interests of white bourgeois capitalists; thus it does all it can to mystify the consciousness of the people in order to ensure the reproduction of the capital relation between the white bourgeoisie and the exploited Indigenous labourer. We cannot hope to alter the oppressive nature of the state if we do not alter this material base.

If we do not smash all bastions of colonialism, the base along with the superstructure that reproduces it, then we cannot decolonize. We cannot decolonize spaces, nor can we decolonize ourselves. Participating more in the state, having more representation, smudging, teaching Indigenous history in schools—on their own these concessions cannot lead to liberation. On the contrary, these concessions further entrench the colonial consciousness, leading people to the false belief that Kanada is “post-colonial,” that Indigenous people are no longer oppressed.

The fundamental truth that we must understand is that decolonization is struggle, that decolonization is revolution. Frantz Fanon is correct when he says “colonialism is not a thinking machine, nor a body endowed with reasoning faculties. It is violence in its natural state, and it will only yield when confronted with greater violence.” Decolonization, as with all things, has a dual nature. First, it means destroying the colonial state and its reactionary settler culture; second, it means building a new revolutionary society, one which can bring about the end of oppression, class and social distinction. These processes, however, do not follow one after the other; rather, it is only through the first that we can achieve the second. It is only in combat, in the struggle against colonial-capitalism, that we can organize a society for ourselves which is truly anti-colonial and anti-capitalist.

Our fight for liberation against the colonial state and capitalism also is a fight against the agents of this state and that includes some sections of the indigenous population. This section of the indigenous population is the comprador class, a bureaucratic bourgeois class. This class is made up of groups like the Assembly of Fist Nations, band chiefs, their supporters and also indigenous business owners that do work and trade with the Kanadian state and the band councils. These sections of the Indigenous population interests are not aligned with the colonized people and thus not aligned with indigenous liberation.Their interests align with that of colonialism, capitalism and the state. With their support of the colonial state the colonizer grants them greater power and better standards of life than the majority of indigenous people, they are a section bought off by the state and sold out to colonial interests. The comprador are not a class that can be worked with, they are not a group that can help bring our liberation. They are a group standing in our way, one that needs to be struggled against and defeated wherever they may appear.

Our goal for decolonization also is not to go back to the way things were before colonization and before Europeans came. Old culture and old ways can be used for our liberation, reclaiming can help build our struggle for liberation or as a symbol of pride and red power but decolonization is more and we cannot ignore colonization. We must acknowledge that colonization and realize that it has left a mark and that this mark has forever changed the course of our people’s future and indigenous peoples. This new culture of resistance and revolution is just as important as maintaining our progressive culture before we had to resist. The fact that we have a national identity to each other is not something we should ever let go.

Colonialism won’t end unless we make it end, and that means we must rally all progressive and revolutionary forces to our side. This includes white workers who are willing to fight against their own colonial interests and help our cause. As Marx understood over a century ago, the ideology of racism produced by colonialism divides the masses and turns the white proletarian into a tool of his own oppression. We need their solidarity and we need their help. We need them to fight with us. That said, this is not our primary concern; this is the duty of all white revolutionaries. Our focus is on our own people. This is our fight, these are our conditions, and this will be our liberation. Organize! We have a world to win, comrades!

Native man that was chinese D5


What does celebrating kanada day really mean?

It’s a celebration of colonialism and genocide! Of white nationalism, patriarchy and murder! Of exploitation, suppression and  assimilation!

We must never forget the atrocities our people and ancestors went through and what our people and other oppressed groups and nations continue to go through at the hands of the settler colonial state. Today is not a day of celebration for the indigenous nation, for us there is no Independence or celebration, day after day we are exploited, our lands stolen and polluted, we are kidnapped and murdered by the hands of the state and we live in systematic poverty forced upon our nation and peoples. We are forced into concentration camps created by the kandain state, a concentration camp system they call reservations.The colonial model South Africa’s apartheid used was also based off of the kanadian model. kanada day is a day of celebration for the colonists, that celebrates white supremacy, genocide and imperialism.

To show our point on white supremacy and racism we can look directly at what a kanadian hero and one of the founders and most important political figure in kanadian history had to say. We will then go on to see what kanada actually is to erase the mythology kanada has built for its settlers and for the global community.


“If you look around the world you will see that the Aryan races will not wholesomely amalgamate with the Africans and the Asiatics. It is not to be desired that they should come; that we should have a mongrel race; that the Aryan character of the future of British America should be destroyed by a cross or crosses of that kind…but the cross of those races, like the cross of a dog and a fox, is not successful”.

– Sir John A Macdonald, 1885

What is kanada?

“Canada, like other states founded through European colonialism, was built on the violence, exploitation, and oppression of Indigenous nations. Before the arrival of the white settler in
Canada, millions of people lived on these lands. The arrival of the French and the English, who brought war and disease, took its toll on the First Nation populations, genociding the vast majority. In some cases, 80%, 90%, and even 95% of Indigenous communities perished, their societies and ability to reproduce these societies almost completely obliterated.”

“life expectancy is eight years lower than that of the average Canadian; twice as many of their children die, as compared to the rest of the Canadian population; their youth are seven times more likely to commit suicide. In most regions, their level of unemployment is three, even four times higher than the Canadian average. The living conditions on the reserves are harsh, and the Canadian government has demonstrated that it is unwilling to solve this problem”

To truly respect our people and our ancestors, to truly respect and honor their struggles we got to work like hell organizing for liberation and the end of colonialism on our land! Let not one more indigenous person die from kandian or amerikan oppression and systematic genocide! Let not one more oppressed nation be subject to kanadian imperialist aggression and murder! We and we alone as indigenous people must decide our own future as a people and nation!

“The Red Nation shall rise again and it shall be a blessing for a sick world. A world filled with broken promises, selfishness and separations. A world longing for light again.”

– Crazy Horse



What is Anti Colonial Action Ottawa?


Anti Colonial Action is a Ottawa based organization made up of revolutionary indigenous people. We are an anti capitalist, anti colonialist and pro proletarian feminist organization. Anti Colonial Action was created to organize and serve the indigenous masses and to inject revolutionary and leftist politics that can truly and generally struggle for self determination and  national liberation of colonized indigenous nations in kanada. We strive to make a movement capable of the struggle for our liberation and to break with the liberalism that is the corner stone of other movements. We don’t want inclusion, more compradors, an apology or a red face representing our colonial oppression. We want complete and uncompromising liberation, freedom and self determination! We demand the end to colonialism on all indigenous lands, from the south tip of the Americas to the north! From the east to the west! This is all indigenous land! This is all our land!


1. We are an organization of and for indigenous peoples
2.To stay independent from the colonial and capitalist state in all our actions
3.To organize all indigenous peoples in the interests of the indigenous working class
4.The rejection of classifying indigenous people by “status”, blood quantum and skin colour
5.To struggle for the national liberation and self-determination, up to and including complete secession from Canada
6. Internationalism and Pan Indigenism
7. Anti Colonial Action follows proletarian feminism and supports 2SLGBTQ struggles


To ensure peace for seven generations to come we must organize for liberation now! We aim to organize our indigenous communities in the areas that we live in for self defense, service to the people and to create a movement capable of national liberation and the freedom of colonized peoples. We struggle against capitalism, colonialism, sexism and the colonialist state along with all other oppression the masses may face. We are independent from the settler colonial state we organize in, the state is a tool of oppression by the ruling class and their colonial interests and it does not serve the people or our interests. We organize in the interests of the indigenous working class, understanding that class distinctions create separate interests among our people, it is the hard-core of our people, the working class that has the most to gain and the most interest in liberation! We reject the colonial concept of blood quantum and “status” indigenous people. These ideas are only tools of the colonialists to get rid of the “Indian problem”, splitting our people and leaving large sections of our nation alienated from us making us have fewer numbers and not allowing us to unite with our people. We organize to make a movement possible of creating our liberation, a movement for complete self-determination and the struggle for national liberation, the taking back of our homelands and sacred lands. Taking back our natural resources to be used in the service of our people, not the interests of a few capitalists, to create an indigenous nation capable of feeding, housing, educating and providing to all of people, free from exploitation and oppression.

Contact us! Email: anticolonialactionottawa@gmail.com or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Anti-Colonial-Action-Ottawa-2043493239208631/

Anti Colonial Action Ottawa is a initiative of the Revolutionary Communist Party Ottawa.